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Preventing Uneven Bowl Slumping


This is part three of a multi-part tip on preventing uneven bowl slumping. Click here to go to part one.


A few more suggestions to help prevent uneven bowl slumping:


7.  The likelihood of an uneven slump can also be minimized by careful choice of mold and fused blank.  In general, uneven slumping is less likely when the mold has a wide rim.  Molds with a narrow rim (or with no rim at all) are likely to slump crookedly if the blank is balanced precariously on the rim.  Try to avoid that kind of setup, and your chances of an unevenly slumped bowls will be lessened.


8.  In some cases the blank to be slumped has a smaller diameter than the mold and fits inside the mold.  (This is especially likely in a deep mold such as a wok.)  In addition to ensuring evenness by using a level, you can greatly increase the chance of success in this kind of setup by lightly beveling the edges of the blank.  Just use a wet belt sander or similar tool to bevel the underside of the blank so that it fits snugly into the mold.  This makes it much more likely to slump evenly.


Click here for part four, what to do if your slump fails and despite all your efforts you create an uneven bowl.


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