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Mixing Glass Enamels


This is part two of a two part series.  Click here to go to part one, which covers the basic supplies needed for mixing glass enamels.


Begin the mixing process by placing a small amount of the glass enamel powder on your glass palette.  One teaspoon (5 ml) is a good quantity to start with.  Just heap the powder in the center of the palette and make a small cavity or depression in middle.  Fill the hole with your chosen medium (it should just take a few drops).


Now use the palette knife to spread the liquid throughout the enamel.  You want to mix the two thoroughly until all of the powder is moistened.  If there are lumps or areas where the powder is clumped together, smooth them out by firmly pressing the palette knife against the powder on the glass.  You may need to add another drop or two of the binder.


The right consistency for the enamel is when it is about the thickness of cream.  All of the powder should be smooth and moist.  Scoop a bit up on the end of the palette knife and watch it drip back to the glass palette.  It should fall in heavy drops.  If it refuses to fall, it's too thick.  If it drips quickly or falls in a stream, then it's too thin and you'll need to add a bit more dry powder.


Once the enamel is mixed to the right consistency, it's ready to use.  Leftover powder can be stored in a capped glass jar or other container.  If the container is airtight, it will last for months.  And even if it dries out a bit, it can be reconstituted by adding some more binder.



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