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Tack Fusing Glass Stringers

In the early 1980's glass fusing pioneer Toots Zynsky invented a way to fuse individual strands of glass together to make delicate and colorful fused glass thread bowls.  Her process, which involved individually pulling small threads of glass, eventually led to the development of a specialized glass thread pulling machine which she used (and still uses) to help create her "filet-de-verre" artwork.

Inspired by Zynsky, many contemporary artists use commercially available glass stringers to make fused stringer bowls.  While these bowls seldom look as intricate or elaborate as Zynsky's, they can be made fairly simply, requiring no more than a kiln, a few tubes of stringers, and some careful observation.  See an example below to get an idea of what a tack fused stringer bowl looks like.

Tack fused stringer bowl by Dick Ditore, as featured in the Warm Glass Gallery.

Click here for step by step directions on how to tack fuse and slump glass stringer bowls.


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