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Repairing Ceramic Molds


Although ceramic molds will last for a long time (especially if you take care of them), they do sometimes chip or crack.  Here are few tips top help salvage a damaged mold.


1.  If the mold has a hairline crack or small chip, it can be repaired by mixing up a paste of kiln wash that's a little thicker than normal.  Simply spread the thickened kiln wash paste into the crack and then smooth it out and allow to dry.


2.  If the rim of the mold has a chip too large to repair, it's not necessarily ready for the trash (or rubbish) bin.  Instead, use the chip as inspiration to design a piece that can be slumped without touching the chipped area.  Try slumping a square piece in a bowl mold.  Or slump smaller bowls inside the mold, rather than resting on the chipped edge.


3.   Some commercially available products, such as Magic Mender and APT-II Ceramic Enhancer, are made for repairing bisque and other pottery items.  These can usually be found in ceramic supply stores.


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