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Sorting Glass Frit

Click here for information about making your own glass frit.

Once you've broken glass to make your own frit, the next step is to sort it into various sizes so that it can be used in your glass projects.  Here are some suggestions on ways to sort the frit:

1.  Many ceramic supply stores carry sets of mesh screens that can be used to sort the frit.  The best of these can be nested (with the largest mesh on top, the smallest on the bottom) so that frit can be easily sorted from large to small.

2.  Another good source for frit sorters is to use kitchen colanders and related utensils.  Inexpensive colanders are available at Wal-Mart and similar stores; they are also available with different sizes of holes.  One advantage of colanders is that the holes are often larger than the holes in commercially available mesh screens, allowing larger sizes of frit to be separated and sorted.

3.  Many hardware stores, such as Home Depot or a DIY store, also carry mesh screen in many different sizes.  This allows you to make your own sorting devices by stretching the mesh across a bucket or similar container. 

4.  If you live near a beach, many stores also carry sets of plastic sifters designed for sorting sea shells and sand.  These can often be easily adapted for sorting glass.

5.  Another good idea is to use sifters from a garden shop.  These have a metal ring that fits inside a bucket and are designed to sift loam or similar soil and compost products. 

Click here for more on sifting glass frit.

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