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Sorting Glass Frit

This is part two of a multi part tip on sorting glass frit.  Click here to go to part one.

One of the major concerns with making and sorting glass frit is doing so safely and without inhaling potentially hazardous silica particles.  Even if you don't see the particles, sifting can make them airborne and they can be inhaled without realizing it.

Avoiding this is essential.  Short term exposure to glass dust can cause coughing or temporary respiratory irritation, especially in sensitive individuals.  Even worse, long term exposure to silica particles can cause silicosis, a serious lung condition that can be fatal.

To prevent this, it's important to take steps to minimize the change of inhaling silica dust.  One possibility is to wear a respirator when sifting glass frit.  The best respirator would be one with a P100 filter, which would filter out virtually all of the potentially hazardous particles.

Another option is not to sift the glass frit when it is dry. Instead, wet the particles with water.  Damp glass can still be sorted, and the frit will air dry in a day or so. 

Coming soon -- more on sifting glass frit.


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