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Tack Fusing Glass Stringers

This is part two of a multi-part tip.  Click here to go to part one.

The difficult part about tack fusing stringers is the time it takes to lay the stringers out.  Most stringer bowls start with around four layers of stringers.  The stringers need to be arranged in rows; it's often necessary to use a small amount of glue to hold them in place as they are arranged.  Some people glue the stringers directly to a piece of paper to make them easier to arrange (regular paper will burn off, or you can use thinfire paper if you prefer).

Making an 18 inch (45cm) square piece will take around six tubes of stringers.  Once the stringers are arranged, the next step is to fuse them together.  If you want a piece where the individual strands of stringers are maintained (as opposed to all melted and smoothed together), you'll need to fire to as low a fusing temperature as possible.

The precise temperature will vary by kiln, but most kilns will achieve the right results in the range from 1300 to 1350F (700 to 730C).  Fire as quickly as you would like to around 1250F (675C), then increase the temperature very slowly.  This is a delicate firing, so you will need to watch closely as the temperature approaches 1300. 

Watch until you see the top layer of the stringers sag slightly, then start cooling the kiln.  Be careful not to fire too high or you'll end up with a flat piece with no definition.

Click here for instructions on way to slump the stringers once they've been fused.


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