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Transferring Designs to Fiber Paper

Here's a neat trick that may be helpful if you're cutting out fiber paper for kiln carving.  All it requires is a computer, some graphic software, and the ability to print to a laser printer.

Start by creating your design on the computer, then use the software on your computer to reverse the image.  You want to flip the image in the software so that it's a mirror image.  Some software does this automatically, and some printers can print mirror images on command.

Once you've printed the image, transfer it to fiber paper with a common household iron.  Set the iron to its hottest setting and lay the page down on the fiber paper with the toner image against the fiber paper. Iron until the paper starts to turn "brown".

The transferred image will be light, but still dark enough to use as a guide for your razor or scissors.

This trick won't work with an ordinary inkjet printer -- it requires toner ink (used in laser printers and most copiers) -- but you can print the image out with an inkjet printer then photocopy it on a copier that uses toner. 


Copyright 2006 Brad Walker.  All rights reserved.

Thanks to Paul Tarlow for this tip.

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