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Gold Pens for Fusing

There are basically two different types of gold pens that can be used for fusing.  Each of these contains a liquid that can be applied to the glass and then fired to around 1200F (650C).  After firing, the lines will be brilliant gold.  These pens are great for making permanent decorations on glass or even for signing your work.

One type of gold pen is similar to a common household pen.  To use it, first press down on the tip, which will start the ink to flow.  Then draw or write more or less the same way you would write with an ordinary pen.  The ink usually comes out fairly quickly.  The lines you draw will look a bit pale (a slight gold tint, but not bright gold colored), and they won't necessarily be uniform in thickness.  Allow the gold ink to dry, then fire in a slump or similar lower temperature firing.  (The ink usually survives a fuse firing also.) Two common manufacturers of these gold pens are Ferro and Thompson Enamels.

A second type of gold pen is more complicated to use, but has the advantage of flowing a bit better.  This is the Kemper pen, which has a small gold cup at the end which is filled with gold luster.  The Kemper pen also has a variety of different tips that can be used to vary line thickness.  Lines drawn with the Kemper pen are usually very uniform in thickness.

Click here for basic information about fusing with liquid gold.


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