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Slumping Tack Fused Glass Stringers

Click here for information on tack fusing glass stringers.

Once you have tack fused your stringers, you should have a fragile blank, about four stringer layers thick.  It will need to be handled gently and watched carefully during your slump firing.

When you slump, you should fire very slowly.  While thermal shock is not likely, thin pieces such as this have a tendency to crack when they bend into the mold if they're fired too fast.  A good firing schedule is to take at least two hours to reach 1000F/540C, then increase the temperature at about 100F/55C per hour.  Keep watching until the piece slumps into the mold, then anneal as usual.

For your first attempts, it's a good idea to use a shallow mold; after you get a feel for the process, you can attempt a deeper slump.


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