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Fused Pattern Bars

This is part four of a multi-part series on fusing pattern bars.  Click here to start with part one.

There are several approaches to forming a dam for your pattern bar, but all assume you've already obtained the dam material and the fiber paper strips to line the dam. 

The most straightforward way of damming the pattern bar works well when the glass that makes up your pattern bar can easily be stacked and transported.  In this case, start by assembling the pattern bar on your worktable (you may need some scraps of dam material to keep it steady while you build the bar). 

Once the pattern bar has been assembled, carefully move it to the kiln and place it on a prepared kiln shelf.  Now surround the bar with the fiber paper strips, making certain that there are no gaps between the strips of paper.  Finish up by surrounding the fiber strips with dam material

Once you're confident that the pattern bar has been reassembled in the kiln and dammed properly, you're ready to fire the glass.

Coming soon -- a suggested pattern bar firing schedule.  

Click here for a tip on assembling a pattern bar box, which works well for pattern bars comprised on small pieces like frit and stringer.


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