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Simultaneous Tack Fusing and Drop Ring Slumping

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Here’s a novel approach to the drop ring that takes advantage of the fact that tack fusing and drop ring slumping can both take place at approximately the same temperature. In this variation, you’ll tack fuse and slump simultaneously, saving yourself a firing and leaving a heavily textured final appearance. 

Start with a circle of glass the size of your drop ring mold. You may need two (or even three) layers of glass circles, depending on the depth of your slump.  Now sprinkle frit, powders, stringer, and small pieces of glass onto the top surface.  Choose any pattern you wish, then carefully transfer the piece to your kiln and place it on top of the mold, which has already been prepared as in the standard drop ring firing.

The combined tack fuse/drop ring slump firing differs from the basic firing in one key respect.  Because you want to ensure that the loose bits of frit and glass tack fuse firmly to the bottom layers, you’ll need to soak for a prolonged period at a lower temperature prior to starting the soak for the drop ring slump.

Click here to go the second part of this tip, which discusses the complete firing schedule for simultaneously tack fusing and slumping a drop ring.


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Parts of this discussion have been previously published in Glass Craftsman magazine.  Other drop ring techniques will be discussed in future daily tips.

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