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Removing Adhesive Residue


It's common for the stickers that glass manufacturers place on sheets of glass to leave behind a sticky residue when removed.  Sometimes this residue cleans easily with water or alcohol, but stubborn spots may require something a bit stronger.  Here's a list of possibilities:


1.  Acetone


Available as a main ingredient in some (but not all) nail polish removers, acetone is a colorless liquid often used as a solvent.  Handle it carefully; not only is it flammable, it can cause skin irritation and should not be ingested.


2.  A light oil such as WD-40, lighter fluid (or butane) or a solvent such as Naptha


These work best if the glass is first soaked in the liquid for a few minutes.  After soaking, rub with a paper towel to lift off the adhesive.  Repeat if necessary.


3.  Razor blade


Many stubborn spots can be cleaned by scraping with a razor blade.  This works best if the area is first soaked in glass cleaner or a mild detergent.


4.  Orange oil


Orange oil, an environmentally friendly and relatively safe solvent, is used to clean and polish wood.  It is also used as a paint stripper and can often be found with woodworking supplies.  Handle it with care; it is a skin irritant and although it smells like citrus it should not be eaten.


5.  Dishwashing liquid


Simply soak for 20 to 30 minutes, then rub gently.



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