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Firing Liquid Gold

Although the most common way to use liquid gold is in pen form, it can also be applied with a brush.  This method  minimizes waste (very important, since liquid gold is not inexpensive) and allows for a variety of effects.

Liquid gold is available from several sources, but the easiest to find are from Hanovia and from Thompson Enamels.  These products are not solid gold; instead, they contain around 10% to 30% gold powder in a liquid solution.

Here are some tips for working with liquid gold.  Note that most of these tips also apply to working with other liquid precious metals  (such as platinum).

1.  Because of their expense, liquid precious metals are generally applied sparingly, to add a decorative or distinctive touch. 

2.  The degree of brightness or matte finish can be controlled by the method of application.  Thinner layers of gold will be brighter when fired, while thicker layers will be more matte.

3.  It's a good idea to practice with the brush by making a few sample pieces with thicker and thinner brush strokes.  You'll be surprised how little brushed on gold is required to achieve a bright finish.

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