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Firing Liquid Gold

This is part two of a multi-part tip on firing liquid gold.  Click here to go to part one.

Suggestions on firing liquid gold and other precious metals:

1.  Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, most golds should be fired to the 1150 to 1250F (620 to 675C) range.  Firing too high will tend the burn the gold off or reduce its brilliance.  (The major exception to this are products made for firing on ceramics, which can have higher firing ranges.  If in doubt, follow the manufacturer's instructions.)

2.  Gold will adhere best with a slow firing and a soak.  This gives it time to adhere firmly and achieve a good finish.  Firing too quickly can result in surface pitting or other defects.

3.  Kiln venting is essential when firing gold.  It helps to get fresh air into the kiln up to around 1100F (593C). The solvents in the liquid mixture will burn off and can contaminate other items in the kiln, so it's a good idea to not mix gold items with others in the same firing.

Coming soon -- typical problems with firing gold and their causes and solutions.


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