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If you work with a kiln, you'll need two kinds of safety glasses.  The first is a pair of clear safety glasses for protection during grinding and cutting glass.  These can be found in most hardware stores in a variety of inexpensive styles.


The second kind of safety glasses are made for looking in the hot kiln.  These glasses are shaded and are used to block infrared (IR) radiation.  Infrared radiation is given off by the glass whenever it is glowing red.  The hotter the kiln, the more the glass glows red and the more radiation is given off.  Infrared radiation is absorbed into the eye; long term exposure can cause cataracts or a painful condition known as "dry eye." 


The purpose of shaded glasses is to minimize the amount of radiation that enters the eye.  But there's a tradeoff involved -- darker glasses block more radiation, but they also make it harder to see.  The ideal eyeglass solution blocks most of the infrared radiation, yet is light enough to allow for good visibility.


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