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110-J Fiber Paper

This is part of a multi-part series on fiber paper.  Click here to go to the beginning of the series.

110-J fiber paper is part of the Fiberfrax ceramic fiber paper line which is manufactured by Unifrax corporation.  In comparison to most standard grades of fiber paper, 110 paper is denser and more rigid.  It comes in flat sheets that are 48" by 42", and cannot be rolled or bent without breaking.  It must be used and shipped in its flat state.  

110 paper is rated to 2300 F (1260C), with a recommended operating temperature of 1900 F (1040C).  The "J" designation refers to the thickness of the paper, which is 1/8" (3.2 mm).  Other thicknesses are available, but the 1/8" is most common.  Its color is light tan and like most fiber papers one side has a slightly smoother texture than the other.

From a warm glass perspective, 110-J paper performs very well as a shelf paper, especially when compared to conventional "soft" fiber papers.  It can be easily cut to size with a standard craft knife or Exacto blade.  After firing, the paper becomes a bit brittle and must be handled carefully, but it's not unusual for the paper to last for 25 or more firings, considerably more than ordinary fiber paper.

Coming soon -- more on using 110-J paper.


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110-J paper is available in precut or custom sizes from the Warm Glass website.  Click here for more information about ordering.

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