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Making a Drop Ring Mold

This is part two of a multi-part tip on making a drop ring mold.  Click here to go to part one.

Once you've selected the refractory material for your mold, you're ready to begin the actual process of making the mold.

Shaping the Material to Make the Mold

Although commercial drop rings almost always have circular holes, the ones you make can be any shape you wish.  Donít be afraid to try ovals, squares, and even elaborate kidney shapes.  Use a Sharpie or similar pen to draw the desired hole shape onto the board, then carefully cut along the line with the appropriate tool. 

Fiber board and Ceramaguard can be cut with a common craft knife, but other materials (such as vermiculite board) may require woodworking saws or more specialized tools.  While cutting, itís a good idea to wear a respirator or mask to keep from breathing undesirable particles.

Click here to go to the final part of this tip, which involves preparing the mold for firing.


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Parts of this discussion have been previously published in Glass Craftsman magazine. 

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