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Inexpensive Tile Saws

This is part two of a multi-part series on selecting tile saws for cutting glass.  Click here to go to the beginning of the series. 

4.  When comparing inexpensive tile saws, make sure that the one you select has an adjustable cutting guide.  This is usually a heavy-duty plastic strip that clamps to the top surface of the cutting table and is adjustable so that you can control the thickness of the cut.  Saws that come without this guide should be avoided.

5.  In most cases the blade that comes with the saw can be used to cut glass.  However, be aware that one major difference between standard tile saw blades and blades made specifically for cutting glass is that standard blades are thicker.  This means that although they tend to be sturdier and will last longer, they will also remove more glass with each cut.

6.  Don't be alarmed if the instructions for a tile saw explicitly state that the saw should not be used with glass.  This is because glass is much harder to cut than tile, and the motor on most inexpensive tile saws can not handle extensive glass cutting.

7.  Finally, if you plan to use a saw extensively or on items that are thicker than 2 inches (51mm), purchase a more expensive tile saw with a larger blade.  Inexpensive saws are great for occasional use, but they're not rigorous enough to stand up to hours of daily use.

Coming soon -- tips on cutting glass with a tile saw.


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