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Leaf Inclusions

Here are some tips on fusing leaves between layers of glass:

1.  Simply placing a leaf between two layers and glass and fusing will sometimes result in a "ghost image" that's trapped between the layers.  However, this approach is not always predictable, and it does tend to trap air bubbles so firing with a bubble soak is advisable.

2.  Both dried leaves and fresh leaves can be fired, but dried leaves will tend to work best. 

3.  If you do use green leaves or thicker leaves with significant amounts of organic matter, it's a good idea to soak for a while at around 900-1000F (480 to 540C). This allows the organic material to burn off so that the leaf dries out.  (Soaking at a lower temperature can also work, but soaking at a higher temperature may not work because the edges of the glass can seal before the organic material escapes.)

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