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Slumping Textured Glass


It's fairly easy to slump textured or rippled glass without losing the texture, but it does require some care during the firing.  These suggestions will work for both textured side down or textured side up.


1.  Most importantly, slump at as low a temperature as possible.  Try to stay below 1200F/650 C if at all possible.


2.  Shallower molds work better than deeper ones.  It's possible to slump into many shallow molds with a short soak at temperatures as low as 1100F/600C.


3.  The type of texture does make a difference.  Texture from kilncarving or from heavily rippled glass, for example, will hold up fairly well, even at temperatures slightly above those mentioned above.


4.  Texture from silica cloth (i.e., Lavacloth) will not go away, even at full fusing temperatures.


And remember, every kiln is different and different glasses may fire differently, so use these temperatures as guidelines to get you started and not as rules in concrete.


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