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Battuto, an Italian word that means "struck" or "beaten," refers to a cold working technique in which glass is cut or ground into to create depressions or small facets in the surface of the glass.  The effect, which is not unlike distressed furniture or hammered iron, is achieved by grinding the glass to produce numerous small, irregularly shaped crevices adjacent and parallel to each other over the surface of the glass. 

Traditionally, the battuto finish is achieved by use of grinding wheel or glass lathe, but other tools (such as hand grinders) can also be used.  The incisions made for battuto are generally larger and flatter (as opposed to narrow and deep).  As with many cold working techniques, achieving a good battuto finish can be time consuming (and, some would say, a bit tedious).

To left:  close up of battuto finish.

Detail from Paul Stevenson's "Golden Delicious" -- click here to see full piece in the Warm Glass Gallery

Coming soon -- more on the battuto process.


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