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Flux is a term that refers to a substance that is used to lower the melting temperature of a metal, glass, or other material.  The term is used in many segments of the glass field, from stained glass (where it refers to zinc chloride, a product that helps solder flow) to glassblowing (where it refers to substances like soda ash or potash, which are added to the glass batch to help it melt at a lower temperature).


In the world of glass fusing, the term flux most often refers to oversprays which are used to help the fused glass resist devitrification.  Flux is often used glass enamels, and can lower the melting temperature of many glazes and sprays.  Fluxes can also be used to dilute colors and make them more transparent. 


In the fusing world, crushed glass containing borax and (sometimes) lead are common flux ingredients.  Fluxes are available that work in many different temperature ranges, from just below 1000F/540C to well above 2000F/1093C. 


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