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Museum Gel


If you've ever worried about your glass pieces getting tipped over or accidentally knocked off the shelf, then you need to try some Museum Gel.  This products which as its name implies is often used in museums, is a clear adhesive that can hold your piece securely in place on the shelf.


Best of all, Museum Gel is completely removable and even reusable.  It's actually a kind of plastic that's non-toxic, so it's safe to use around pets or small children.


To use the product, stick a small amount on the underside of the piece you want to hold in place, then press it to the shelf.  Give it a few minutes to set, and it will stick firmly in place.  It won't come loose unless you gently (and intentionally!) rock the piece back and forth and break the seal that has been formed between the piece and the shelf. 

Just one important caveat:  Museum Gel works on glass, not on more porous substances like clay or wood.  You can get it at some museum shops and art supply stores.  Searching online will turn up dozens of places that carry the product.


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