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Etching Dichroic Glass to Prevent Chipping when Grinding

This is part two of a multi-part tip on preventing dichroic glass from chipping.  Click here to go to part one.

Another option for preventing dichroic glass from chipping sidesteps the problem altogether by etching the dichro to create an edge around the dichroic coating. 

For this approach, cut and grind a piece so that it's slightly larger than your desired finished design.  Then use acid etch to create a clean margin around the edge of the design.  (Acid Etch is available at many craft stores; you can also sandblast if you have the right equipment available.)

Etching cream generally removes dichro cleanly and evenly.  You can mask off the area you don't want to remove with ordinary tape, or even a Sharpie marker.  The etching cream won't etch through the marker lines.

Once the etching is done, clean any Sharpie lines with rubbing alcohol.  Depending on the underlying color of the dichro, the etched edges either melt into the glass when fused or create an attractive border around the dichroic element.


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This tip taken from posters on the Warm Glass bulletin board. 

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