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The Cracked Kiln Shelf

This is part two of a multi-part series on the cracked kiln shelf.  Click here to go to part one.

If your kiln shelf develops a small crack along the edge (or a shallow crack that runs across the surface of the shelf), then it can still be used, so long as it's handled carefully.  Don't move the shelf unless you absolutely must, take care when moving it about, and ensure that is is well supported in the area under the crack.  By taking these steps, the shelf is likely to last a long time.

In the event that a shelf finally cracks through or breaks into pieces, don't throw it away.  Instead, use a tile saw or similar tool to cut it into strips to use as dam material or supports for pot melts.  Strips roughly 2" (5cm) wide work well for this purpose.

Finally, remember that mullite or cordierite shelves can withstand rapid changes in temperature and are subject to cracking due to thermal shock only in vary rare instances.  It's almost always moisture (not rapid change of temperature) that causes the cracking.


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