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Drilling Holes in Glass by

Using a Drill Press

This is part three of a multi-part tip on using a drill press to drill holes in glass.  Click here to go to part one.

Here are the main steps to drilling a hole in glass using a drill press. 

1.  First, gather the necessary equipment and supplies.  In addition to the drill press and the proper bits, you'll need a shallow plastic container, a small piece of Ceramaguard or wood, and some safety glasses.

2.  Start by putting on the safety glasses.  If you have long hair, tie it back.  Don't wear loose fitting clothes or  (especially loose sleeves), and avoid wearing dangling jewelry or bracelets that could accidentally get caught on the drill press. 

3.  Place the Ceramaguard or wood piece in the container, then fill it with water.  Cool, clean water is best.  The purpose of the Ceramaguard or wood piece is to protect the bottom of the container and also to help avoid cracking the glass when the bit breaks through.

4.  Put the drill bit in the drill press, then set the container or water just below the bit.  Most drill presses have a ledge that can be adjusted to hold the container in place so that your hands are free.  In some cases you may need someone to help hold the container still while you drill.

5.  Set the piece of glass to be drilled in the container, resting it on the piece of wood or Ceramaguard that's at the bottom of the container.  You want the water level to be just above the top of the piece of glass.

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Copyright 2006 Brad Walker.  All rights reserved.

Note:  The process described in the tip works best for items that are small enough to fit in a shallow plastic container.  Future tips will discuss the necessary adjustments for drilling larger items.

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