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Drilling Holes in Glass by

Using a Drill Press

This is part four of a multi-part tip on using a drill press to drill holes in glass.  Click here to go to part one.

The main steps, continued.

6.  Once the container and glass is in place, lower the drill press down to where it touches the glass where you'd like to drill the hole.  (Don't turn the press on yet.)  Remember, the glass must be just under the water in the container and resting on the piece of wood or Ceramaguard.

7.  After you've adjusted the piece so that it's positioned to drill the hole in the correct spot, turn on the drill press.  From this point on it's important that the piece not be allowed to move about in the container.

8.  If you have a helper, have him or her hold the piece firmly in place while you work the drill press.  If you're drilling by yourself, use one hand to hold the piece and the other hand to operate the lever on the drill press. 

9.  Bring the drill bit down so that it just touches the glass, then slowly increase the downward pressure on the glass.  The bit will start to drill into the glass.  You'll probably see some white areas in the water (those are glass particles that are being drilled away).

10.  Most drilling mishaps occur due to drilling too fast.  It's critical that you drill very slowly through the glass, even letting up slightly to let the water clear then lowering the drill bit again.  It can take several minutes to drill the hole.

Click here for the final steps.


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Note:  The process described in the tip works best for items that are small enough to fit in a shallow plastic container.  Future tips will discuss the necessary adjustments for drilling larger items.

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