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Firing Schedule for a Pocket Vase


Click here for basic information about making a pocket vase.

It's not uncommon to experience problems when firing a pocket vase. This is because the fiber sandwiched inside the vase insulates the glass and prevents it from firing evenly.  Cracking and poor annealing are possible.

The best solution is to ramp up and cool down more slowly than usual.  A good rate of temperature increase would be around 300F/167C degrees per hour to 1100F/600C.  Soak for 15 minutes to even out the heat, then continue heating to the full fuse temperature that works in your kiln. 

After fusing, anneal the vase by holding the kiln at your annealing temperature (960F/516C for Bullseye and Spectrum) for 45 minutes, then take two hours to cool to below the annealing range (roughly to 750F/400C). 

Finish cooling carefully to room temperature (in most cases you can just let the kiln cool naturally).  Make certain that the finished pocket vase is completely cool to the touch before removing the fiber paper.

Note that this annealing suggestion is intended for simple pocket vases with fiber paper sandwiched between two standard layers of glass.  Thicker vases will require a longer firing schedule.


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