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Causes of Devitrification

This is part three of a multi-part tip on the causes of devitrification.  Click here to go to part one.

9.  Some mold ingredients and separators can also contribute to devitrification.  Whiting, for example, will cause devit in some glasses, as will the plaster in a plaster/silica mold.  Glass in prolonged contact with fiber products can also be more prone to devitrify.

10.  The kiln atmosphere can also contribute to devitrification.  Venting from room temperature to 1000F/540C can help reduce the likelihood of devitrification by giving binders, glues, and impurities in mold mixtures the opportunity to escape from the kiln.

11.  Repeatedly firing the same glass can lead to an increased chance for devitrification.  This can happen even at relatively low temperatures that wouldn't cause devit in a normal first firing. 


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