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Treatment for Sore Hands

One of the problems associated with extensive bouts of cold working is that the hands can frequently become sore and painful.  Prolonged exposure to water (a necessity when cold working glass) tends to dry out the hands.  It's not unusual for the dryness to reach the point where the skin cracks and the hands (especially the fingertips) are painful to touch.

The treatments for sore hands include the following

1.  Various lotions and creams, ranging from the commonly available to the more exotic

2.  Treatments specifically designed to heal cracked and split skin, such as liquid bandages

3.  Preventative treatments, such as gloves, waxes, and silicone shield products

4.  Approaches that seek to minimize the amount of cold working required in the first place

Each of these four categories will be discussed in greater detail in the next sections of this tip. Click here to continue.


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