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Renewing Diamond Pads

After a period of use on a reciprolap, the cutting and grinding performance of a diamond pad will start to deteriorate.  Rather than throw the pad away, it's possible to renew it by following this procedure.

Start with a dry pad.  Take a carborundum stone and rub it forcefully across the pad.  You want to make a series of "spokes" that radiate from the center of the pad to the outside.  Do this all the way around the pad.

The objective is the break the surface of the pad and create new fractures in the diamonds. This exposes fresh sharp edges. Once you have "treated" the entire surface of the pad, turn the machine on and flush the pad thoroughly with lots of water.

This treatment will shortens the life of a pad, but it makes sense for pads that weren't working well anyway.  After a period time, the pad will stop working and you'll need to go through the process again.  And then again until the pad finally wears out totally. 


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