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Treatment for Sore Hands

This is part two of a multi-part series on treating and preventing dry and cracked hands from extensive cold working sessions.  Click here to go to part one.

By far the most common treatment for sore hands is the use of various lotions and creams.  These range from commonly available lotions to more exotic creams.  Here's a representative selection:

1.   Neutrogena hand cream (or similar over the counter hand creams and lotions).  These have the advantage of being relatively inexpensive and easy to find.  They do tend to be greasy, so are best used after cold working, rather than during.

2.  Bag Balm.  This is a product developed for treating dry cow udders, but it also works well on hands.  Many drug stores or chemists carry this or a similar product.

3.  Corona Cream.  This is also a product developed for use with animals (it's used to treat cracked horse hooves), but it works for hands too.  Purchase it at many pharmacy counters, but no prescription is required. 

4.  Cornhusker's Lotion.  Another over the counter product, this one is generally less greasy than some of the others.

5.  No-Crack Hand Cream.  One advantage of this product is that it comes in both night-time and day-time versions, with the day-time being less greasy.

6.  Norski.  This is a stronger product that's available from some pharmacies.  It's specifically developed to treat dry hands.

There are other creams and lotions on the market, but the above are the ones that many people have reported work well for them.  To make any of these lotions work faster, put on pair of gloves after applying them.  (Latex or nitrile gloves work well.)  The gloves will cause your hands to sweat and feel hot, but the warm, moist environment works to make the lotion work faster and promote quicker healing.

Coming in the next part of this tip -- treatments specifically designed to treat cracks and splits in the skin.


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