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Treatment for Sore Hands

This is part three of a multi-part series on treating and preventing dry and cracked hands from extensive cold working sessions.  Click here to go to part one.

Another category of treatments for sore hands involves the use of products that specifically target and treat painful cracks and split areas in the skin.  While lotions do address this problem area, cracks can be particularly painful and in need of quick treatment.

1.  Cover the split areas with Super Glue or nail glue (super glue works better).  Not only will this stop the pain immediately, it also protects the split areas from widening or worsening. 

2.  Lava stone. This is a mildly abrasive stone that is rubbed onto the fingertips when wet.  It works well to sooth sore skin, and can be used to target cracked, sensitive areas.

3.  New Skin.  This is a liquid bandage product that claims to protect minor wounds and cracks.  Unfortunately, it has a strong smell and stings when used.  Not recommended.

Click here for a tip on preventative treatments, such as gloves, waxes, and silicone shield products.


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