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Here's a list of things NOT to do while working with your kiln. 

1.  When adding frit to top up a mold in a hot kiln, make sure you don't pour it directly from the plastic container it comes in. 

2.  No matter how cool the kiln appears, don't vent it with an ordinary block of wood. 

3.   Don't reach in the kiln with tongs from the grill, unless you wash them first. The grease flashes into flames and the whole shop smells like hamburgers.

4.  A small bubble-type level is a wonderful tool to use when you want to make sure that the kiln or mold is level.  But don't forget to remove it from the kiln before firing.  (On the other hand, this can leave behind an interesting ghostly impression on the glass....)

5.  Thinfire paper may look like ordinary unlined paper, but it's not the same. 

6.  If you remove warm kiln shelves from the kiln and place them on a plastic bucket to cool ... they stick!

7 If you want to level your kiln, don't use wooden shims between the kiln bottom and the metal stand.  (That is, don't do this unless you want to learn how to make charcoal.)

8.  The lid of the kiln being fired does not make a good shelf.  (On the other hand, the scorch marks in the book you placed on top of the kiln make a great reminder of what not to do.)

I'm embarrassed to report that all of these "tips" came from posters on the Warm Glass board.  Even the best of us sometimes forget that the kiln is hot.


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