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Leaf Inclusions


This is part three of a series on leaf inclusions in glass.  Click here to go to part one.

Most leaf inclusions are made by firing with the leaves sandwiched between two layers of glass.  One issue with this approach is that it tends to trap air bubbles between the glass. 

An alternative method that helps avoid this problem is to fire the piece twice, once to create the ghost image of a leaf and a second time to permanently trap it between two layers of glass.  In this approach, start by placing the leaf against a kiln washed shelf.  (Dry leaves work best, and kiln wash works better than fiber paper).  Cap the leaf with a single layer of glass and fire to around 1350F/730C.  The leaf will burn off during the firing, leaving a subtle ghost image behind.

After this initial firing, take a second layer of glass and place it beneath the previously fired layer so that the ghost image of the leaf is trapped in the middle.  Re-fire to fuse the two pieces of glass together.  You'll trap the ghost image and have only minimal trapped air.


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