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Cutting Large Sheets of Glass

One of the issues for cutting large sheets of glass is that the typical straightedge either is too short or has a tendency move around during the long cut.  Here are some tips to make the job easier.

1.  For cuts up to four foot long, get an aluminum T-square for working with drywall.  Inexpensive (under $25 US), and usually available in the local hardware or DIY store.  Large L-squares for glass are also available in sizes up to 48" from suppliers like CR Laurence.

2.  Narrow hardwood strips can also be used (even for longer cuts).  Maple works well, as do walnut and oak. Sight down the strips to make certain they aren't warped. 

3.  To keep squares or strips from sliding on the glass, attach a strip of cork tape underneath.  Another option is to glue on a rubber backing the length of the strip.

4.  Consider using spring clamps to secure the straightedge to the glass while making really long cuts.  Usually it just takes a single clamp on the far end.   Small bar clamps can also be used.


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