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Steaming Wax from Molds

This is part two of a series on steaming wax from molds.  Click here to go to part one. 

3.  Wallpaper steamers can also do a good job of removing wax from a mold, but only if you purchase a steamer with an attachment that allows you to direct the steam into specific crevices in the mold.  For best results, place the mold so that wax drips out and is collected in a pan of water.  Use gloves to hold the mold (or place on top of hardware cloth/wire mesh) and allow the steam to do the work.

4.  Commercial products for steaming out wax are available, but these tend to be smaller and made for jewelry-sized molds.  This equipment, which is fairly expensive, is known in the industry as a "steam dewaxer." 


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