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Cutting Glass Mirror

An ordinary glasscutter can be used to cut glass mirror, but there are a few tips to keep in mind.

1.  Cut on the glass side (the side you look into), not the back side (the side with the coating). 

2.  The cutting will go much more easily with a well-oiled cutter or after brushing kerosene (or cutting oil) on the surface to be cut.

3.  After cutting, you may want to spray the back side with a mirror edge sealant.  This helps keep the silver coating from chipping.  A less expensive substitute for mirror sealant is clear lacquer (made by Krylon, and others).

Ordinary mirrors can not be fired in the kiln.  The coating on the back is organic and the mirror will be ruined if fired.  Two way mirrors (also called "first surface mirrors") can be slumped at very low temperatures (i.e., under 1120F/600C).


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