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Attaching Feet to Slumped Bowls


Although there are a number of ways to attach feet to slumped bowls (many involving elaborate molds and challenging kiln firings), perhaps the easiest way to do the job is to glue marbles onto the piece after the final firing.


Generally, three marbles work best for this approach.  Using four marbles is much more difficult to level, and can cause the piece to wobble once the marbles are glued in place.  Three marbles virtually guarantees that the finished piece won't wobble.


Large marbles (up to 1 inch/25mm) make the best choice for most bowl sizes.  To prepare the marbles, you'll need to grinding them flat on one side.  A wet belt sander works best for this process, but other kinds of cold working equipment can also be used.  The objective is to create a flat surface on one side of each marble.  Ideally, the flat surface would be about 1/2 inch (12mm) in diameter.


Once you've gathered the right items and prepared your marbles, it's time to begin the task of gluing them in place.  Aside from the finished slumped bowl, you'll also need some silicone glue.  It also helps to have an omni-directional level and a felt marking pen.


Click here for information on the leveling and gluing process.


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Special thanks to Brock Craig for helping with this tip.

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