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Attaching Feet to Slumped Bowls


This is part two of a multi-part series on attaching feet to slumped bowls.  Click here to go to part one.


Once you've prepared the marbles, it's time to attach them to the bottom of your slumped bowl.  Begin by leveling your work surface.  Then place the bowl upside down on the level surface.


Place the three ground marbles on the exposed underside of the upside down bowl, and set a small circle of clear float (window) glass on top of the marbles.  Using an omni-directional level on top of the clear glass, move the marbles around until the bowl is perfectly level.  You may need a second person to help hold the marbles and glass in place as you move the level.


Now put a piece of masking tape on the bowl next to each marble, and draw a line with a felt tip pen down the marble and onto the tape.  Remove the float glass and the marbles and then, using the tape and marker lines as guides, glue each marble individually in place on the bottom of the bowl.  Silicone glue works very well for this purpose.  For best results, allow the glue to cure overnight.


This approach will yield a bowl that is perfectly level.  However, since it places a premium on achieving a level bowl the marbles may not be perfectly centered, and the feet may be in a slightly different place from bowl to bowl. 


Alternative approaches to adding feet to slumped bowls will be discussed in future tips.


Copyright 2006 Brad Walker.  All rights reserved.

Special thanks to Brock Craig for helping with this tip.

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