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Falling Particles from the Top

of a Brick Kiln

One of the more frustrating things that can happen in a brick kiln is for particles from the roof of the kiln to fall onto your glass piece.  Although it's possible that the particles can be removed by lightly brushing or blowing the piece, it's more likely that they're fused in place and will require some effort to remove.

In most cases the best and least expensive tool for removing brick dust particles is a dental pick (or similar sharp metal implement).  Use the pick to carefully loosen the particles.  This approach doesn't always remove everything, but in many cases it's sufficient to get the job done.  Sometimes you can get away without fire polishing after removing the brick particles, but fire polishing will be necessary if the surface of the glass is marred or pitted.

A more powerful tool, such as the Dremel, can also be used to remove dust particles, but this is not normally recommended.  The problem with using a Dremel is that it digs much deeper into the glass, leaving divots that are more difficult to smooth without extensively cold working the piece.  Even re-firing the piece to fire polish put the Dremel marks doesn't always do the job, so if you use a Dremel take care to use it gently and as lightly as possible.

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