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Reactive Glass Colors


This is part two of a multi-part series on reactive glass colors.  Click here to go to part one.


When two glasses come into contact during fusing and create a third color, this is almost always caused by specific ingredients in the two "reactive" glasses.  The most common ingredients which lead to a reaction are sulfur, selenium, copper, lead, and silver.  As the chart below illustrates, reactions between these ingredients tend to fall into seven main categories.


  Sulfur Selenium Silver
Copper X X  
Lead X X X
Silver X X  

X indicates a reaction between the two ingredients



1.  Copper - sulfur  reaction


2.  Copper - selenium reaction


3.  Lead - sulfur reaction


4.  Lead - selenium reaction


5.  Lead - silver reaction


6.  Sulfur - silver reaction


7.  Selenium - silver reaction


Coming soon -- a list of reactive glasses for each of the categories above.


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