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Fusing Straight Lines

Achieving sharp, crisp lines, such as those in the Steve Immerman work pictured at left, is more complicated than simply cutting strips of glass and fusing them together.

That brute force approach is more likely to result in fused lines that are wavy and soft, rather than straight and crisp.  Sometimes wavy is desirable, but for those times when it's not it's good to know how to fuse your pieces to make straight lines more likely.

The simplest technique to achieve straight lines is to fire the piece, then flip and re-fire.  This technique, which is often known as "flip and fire,"  takes advantage of the fact that when strips are fired the topside often moves around and becomes wavy, while the weight of the piece helps keep the underside straight.  Flipping and re-firing moves the straighter lines to the topside of the piece.

Of course, there are times when you want the lines on both sides of the piece to be straight and crisp.  This can be done, but it is more complicated and requires more attention to detail than a simple "flip and fire" technique.

Click here for more -- including suggestions, techniques, and firing schedules to help you achieve straighter lines on both top and bottom of your piece.


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The photo in this tip is a detail from Steve Immerman's "Skaket Beach", which is featured in the Warm Glass Gallery.  Click here to check it out in more detail.

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