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Pulley System for Heavy Kiln Lids

If you have a large kiln with a heavy lid, such as an oval-shaped "coffin kiln" from one of the major kiln manufacturers, you've probably discovered that the weight of the lid makes it difficult to raise and lower.  It's possible to purchase a "kiln lifter" to help with the task, or to install a small electric winch to make lifting the lid easier, but those solutions can be more expensive than a simple pulley and rope system.

There are many different types of pulley systems, but the one that will be described here is one of the most simple.  It can be used for a lid on a large "coffin kiln" or on smaller kilns (such as a 24" multi-sided brick kiln). 

Installation does not require any special skills or mechanical aptitude. You will, however, need to securely screw a pulley into a ceiling beam where your kiln is located, so this solution works best when your kiln is in a garage, basement, or industrial location. 

The materials to install a pulley system are available in most hardware stores.  You'll also need a few weights (such as from a basic weight lifting set).  All together, everything should cost around $20 to $40 US.  

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