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Pulley System for Heavy Kiln Lids

This is part three of a multi-part series setting up a pulley system for heavy kiln lids.  Click here to go to part one.

Once you've obtained the pulley, the next step requires the use of a rope or wire.   As the photo to the right shows, the rope is attached to the handle or handles on the kiln lid and threaded through the pulley.  In most cases the rope used is made of polypropylene or a similar strong, long lasting fiber that resists rotting.  (Photo courtesy of Dee Janssen and Kay McConnell.)

Instead of rope, it's also possible to use a steel wire, such as aircraft cable or a similar strong wire.  Wire generally requires a more elaborate attaching mechanism than rope, which can simply be tied in place with a knot, but wire often preferable due to its superior strength and durability over time.  Wire also tends to leave a cleaner, more streamlined final appearance.  The photo at left shows a close up view of wire threaded through one kind of pulley. (Photo courtesy of Rebecca McGlynn.)

Both ropes and wire are relatively inexpensive; as with the pulley, make certain that the rope or wire can lift the necessary weight.  (This shouldn't be an issue with wire, but it can be with some ropes.) 

Click here for the next part of this series, which deals with securing the rope or wire to the handle of the kiln.


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