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Pulley System for Heavy Kiln Lids

This is part four of a multi-part series setting up a pulley system for heavy kiln lids.  Click here to go to part one.

Once you've secured a pulley and determined whether you want to use rope or wire, the next step involves tying off the rope or wire at the two ends:

  •   at the handle or handles of the kiln

  •   at the other end, which often has a counterweight attached

Securing to the handle

Securing rope to the handle is fairly easy.  It only requires that the rope be tied in place, using any basic knot that won't slip.  A standard "Figure 8 knot," commonly used in mountain climbing, is easy to tie and strong enough to work well for this purpose. Click here for a demonstration of how to tie a "Figure 8 knot".   You can also loop the rope through the kiln handle and secure it to itself closer to the pulley, as was done with the rope in the top photo on yesterday's tip.   

Securing a wire or cable to the handle is a bit more complicated.  Most are too stiff for knots, so require special parts to make the connection secure.  The photo to the left shows one system for doing this, which involves using screws and a horseshoe shaped bracket to hold the wire in place.  (Photo courtesy of Rebecca McGlynn.)

Kiln lids with two handles instead of one are a bit more complicated.  Securing wire to this kind of handle will be discussed in detail in the step-by-step example coming later in this series.

Click here for the next part of this tip, which deals with the use of counterweights and methods of securing the other end of the rope or wire, which is used to hold the lid open once the pulley does its job.


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