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Confetti (sometimes known as shards) are very thin (almost paper-thin) pieces of glass.  They are generally used as design elements in kiln-formed and blown glass.


Most commercially available confetti is made using glass blowing techniques.  First, a glass bubble is blown, then the bubble is expanded (often using compressed air) until it reaches several feet in diameter and pops, shattering into small, thin fragments.  If you examine commercial confetti, you'll usually notice that the confetti is slightly curved due to this process.


In order to maintain color intensity, the glass used to make confetti is often formulated using more dense colors than "normal" fused glass.  As a result, confetti is usually not guaranteed to be compatible with standard "tested compatible" glass.  For this reason confetti should always be used in thin layers, rather than stacked thickly on top of the glass.


Click here for some suggestions on how to use your kiln to make confetti.


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