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Although face shields are common in fields such as woodworking and welding, where they are used to protect the entire face from flying objects and sparks, they're less frequently used in kiln-forming activities.  However, there are situations (such as when combing or manipulating hot glass) when a face shield can come in handy.


The best kind of shield to use is a heat-reflective face shield.  This kind of shield, which is designed to shield the face from extreme heat, covers the entire face from forehead to below the chin.  It is made of a transparent material (usually polycarbonate or a similar hard plastic).  Some varieties are made of wire mesh rather than metalized plastic.


Heat-reflective shields are sometimes coated with a layer that will reflect ultraviolet and infrared light (the best are coated with gold) or they can be found uncoated.  In either case (and especially with uncoated shields), you should use the shield in addition to wearing safety glasses that block infrared radiation.


Good sources for face shields are welding supply shops, foundries, and distributors of industrial safety equipment.  Shields made for woodworking should not be used because they are unlikely to be able to withstand the heat of the kiln.


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